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Our team is dedicated to serving Chicago's children! Let us help your child enjoy a lifetime of healthy, beautiful smiles.

Pediatric & Family Dentist

At Dental Town, we like to take good care of the area's youngest smiles. We like to work with kids because of the cute things that come out of their mouths. However, we are more concerned about what is going on inside. We provide a variety of services and concentrate on educating them to understand how critical mouth health is for a lifetime of healthy, happy smiles.

While we take oral health very seriously, we avoid taking ourselves too seriously. Our staff is lots of fun with bubbly personalities which make visiting the dentist an enjoyable experience for little ones.

Gentle Fillings and Cleanings

Our dental hygiene team offers effective, gentle teeth cleanings. We will teach your children the importance of flossing and brushing each day, and show them how to properly do it, as well as ensure that we take care of any tartar and plaque that they have left behind. If we come across any cavities or decay, we’ll be able to take care of it using a tooth-colored filling.

Fluoride Treatment

Tooth decay is the second most common chronic childhood illness, directly behind the common cold. One of the reasons is that children lack the dexterity, education, and skill to correctly care for the teeth, so they’re more susceptible to cavities and tooth decay than adults. That is why topical fluoride treatments which help to prevent decay is amongst our most important pediatric services.


If fluoride treatments and routine cleanings aren’t enough to keep decay at bay for your child, sealants might be a good fit. We utilize tooth-colored materials to paint over the teeth’s surfaces to help keep them clean and protect them from acid and bacteria that leads to decay.

Emergency Dentistry

At Dental Town, we know that injuries are traumatic. That is why our staff is available to deal with dental emergencies the very same day.

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Lid F.

Great doctors and friendly staff! I totally recommend this place for your dental work. They always answer all my questions and they are really kind with their patients. Will be bringing my family and friends :). Thank you, Dental Town.
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Maria C.

Very pleased and thankful for the attention and service they give to their patients. also appreciate that they work with one's budget. they make it easy to make appointments, and the doctor's are very kind and do good work.
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Estrada M.

I highly recommend this place! The Dentist does great work and the staff is wonderful. The staff is friendly and helpful, they really go the extra mile! I recently had a filling done and was very satisfied with the results. The staff and the Dentist work together for you and provide excellent service. I love that the place is clean! Thank you all for making me smile :)
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Gentle, friendly, and affordable, Dental Town is dedicated to serving families across Chicagoland!

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