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Do you live with bruxism (teeth grinding)? Are you looking for a comfort athletic mouth guard? We can help! Schedule an appointment with your friendly Avondale, Chicago dental office for a custom-made mouth guard.

Dental Mouth Guards for Grinding Teeth

What Is an Athletic Mouth Guard?

Children, teens and adults experience thousands of mouth injuries annually while playing sports. No matter your sport or activity, injuries to the face can harm teeth, lips, cheeks and gums. Mouth guards should be considered an essential piece of equipment in order to avoid these injuries. It is also of particular importance for those wearing braces or who have fixed bridge work. A hit to the facial area might damage the brackets or additional fixed orthodontic appliances. In addition, a mouthguard offers a protective barrier between your braces and lips or cheek, which aid you in avoiding injuries to your cheeks and gums.

At Dental Town, we recommend custom-made mouth guards, which will fit your teeth comfortably while allowing for normal breathing and speaking.

What Is a Night Guard?

If you wake up in the morning with a sore jaw or a headache, you may be grinding or clenching your teeth while you sleep. This condition, called bruxism, affects about 10 to 15 percent of adults according to the American Dental Association. Bruxism can cause long-term damage to the mouth, including chipping and cracking of your teeth. You can alleviate the effects of bruxism with a night guard.

At Dental Town, we can provide a custom-made comfortable and effective mouthguard. This piece of equipment will prevent your teeth from grinding and relieve strain in your jaw muscles.

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Lid F.

Great doctors and friendly staff! I totally recommend this place for your dental work. They always answer all my questions and they are really kind with their patients. Will be bringing my family and friends :). Thank you, Dental Town.
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Very pleased and thankful for the attention and service they give to their patients. also appreciate that they work with one's budget. they make it easy to make appointments, and the doctor's are very kind and do good work.
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I highly recommend this place! The Dentist does great work and the staff is wonderful. The staff is friendly and helpful, they really go the extra mile! I recently had a filling done and was very satisfied with the results. The staff and the Dentist work together for you and provide excellent service. I love that the place is clean! Thank you all for making me smile :)
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